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Goalkeeper School SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School is where goalkeepers come to get better and it has been for more than a quarter-century. It is not a coincidence that SoccerPlus Goalkeepers are playing in US National Teams, MLS, for clubs internationally, college and youth programs; goalkeepers come to SoccerPlus to improve, but they leave SoccerPlus with a new understanding of how to achieve at the next level. Whether you are new to the position or looking to prepare for a collegiate season, SoccerPlus can help you to get to where you want to be.

The reasons behind SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School's success is not a mystery. It starts with our Founder and CEO, Tony DiCicco. Through the experiences of having coached in three FIFA World Cups, an Olympics and two FIFA Youth World Cups, Tony's international expertise and journeys are part of the camp curriculum. Most recently, his goalkeeper at the 2008 FIFA U20 World Cup was awarded the Golden Glove as the Top Goalkeeper of the tournament, allowing just one goal in 5 games.

His methodology guides every goalkeeper's experience at SoccerPlus. The DiCicco Method is based on the expectation that time spent with SoccerPlus should be both demanding and fulfilling. "We present our students with real challenges," DiCicco explains, "but my staff are experts at guiding those who embrace the program to success. The result is both powerful and enduring. The SoccerPlus experience will stay with you long after you have left us."

There are other programs out there, but there is only one SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School - known the world around as the place where goalkeepers come for excellence, self-confidence and consistency. Attend one of our programs and initiate a special bond that will impact you for life.




The Performance Program is a comprehensive, challenging teaching of the goalkeeper position. This program trains the goalkeeper based on where their level is and then teaches at higher levels while guiding the keeper through the technical progressions required to be successful. In addition, we add “cutting edge” tactical training so that our keeper students read and understand the nature of the attack, sort out the options and anticipate the opponent’s next move. The Performance Program is guaranteed to challenge every level of goalkeeper. Groups are organized by age and then fine-tuned by ability to create a dynamic training group with an experience and talented staff coach. This program is unique and provides for developing proper technical skills while instilling a more sophisticated understanding of the goalkeeper position.

10 to Adult Co-Ed Beginner to Elite Residential - $785-799
Commuter - $685-699
Residential - 6 days (Sunday PM - Friday AM)
Commuter - 6 days (Sunday PM - Friday AM)




Typical Day




  • 7:15-7:30am - Wake up – prepare for the day (shower recommended)
  • 7:30-8:15am - Breakfast in the Dining Hall.
  • 8:30-8:45am - Meet group and instructor for the first session of the day.
  • 8:45-8:50am - Arrive at the fields.
  • 8:50-9:00am - Get our gear on and start off with a dynamic warm up
  • 9:00-9:30am - Technical training based on topic of the day.
  • 9:30-11:00am - Training both the technical and tactical components of your game.
  • 11:00-11:15am - Cool down and core strengthening exercises.
  • 11:15-11:45am - Back to the dorm to drop our stuff before lunch.
  • 11:45-12:30pm - Lunch in the Dining Hall





All Four Major Pillars of Goalkeeping are covered within the SoccerPlus Goalkeeper School Curriculum.

Goalkeeper Techniques

SoccerPlus Diving Saves
SoccerPlus Goal Kicks
SoccerPlus Distribution
SoccerPlus Field Player Skills
SoccerPlus Stance and Set Position
SoccerPlus Catching & Handling
SoccerPlus Shot Saving & Redirecting
SoccerPlus Tipping & Parrying
SoccerPlus Crossed Balls
SoccerPlus Boxing
SoccerPlus Breakaway Saves

Goalkeeper Techniques

SoccerPlus Anticipation
SoccerPlus Decision Making
SoccerPlus Organizing the Defense
SoccerPlus Breakaway Saves
SoccerPlus Pass Back Tactics
SoccerPlus Angle Play and Positioning
SoccerPlus Starting Positions
SoccerPlus Restarts
SoccerPlus Initiating Attacks
SoccerPlus Establishing Tempo
SoccerPlus Sweeper-Keeper Tactics
SoccerPlus Reading the Attack

Goalkeeper Techniques

SoccerPlus Leadership
SoccerPlus Positive Projection
SoccerPlus Maturity & Poise
SoccerPlus Training Ethics
SoccerPlus Self Awareness
SoccerPlus Self Analysis
SoccerPlus Self Energizing
SoccerPlus Staying Centered
SoccerPlus Mental Stimulation

Goalkeeper Techniques

SoccerPlus Nutrition & Fitness
SoccerPlus Testing
SoccerPlus Proper Warm-up
SoccerPlus Effective Cool-down
SoccerPlus Prevention of Injury
SoccerPlus Flexibility & Coordination
SoccerPlus Pressure Training
SoccerPlus Biomechanical Analysis
SoccerPlus Strength & Agility
SoccerPlus Footwork Mobility
SoccerPlus Year Round Conditioning
SoccerPlus Power Development



“Thank you so much for last summer’s Goalkeeper School. My son is having a great year as goalkeeper for his Jr. High School Team and I credit much of his success to you. He talks about technical and tactical things he learned and will use those techniques in games and when he's talking about the game, he'll say things like.."we learned that at SoccerPlus..." I want to thank you for the wonderful program you offer. It really is among the best training and coaching I have seen. My daughter attended a fieldplayer academy the first year and enrolled in the goalkeeper academy this year… she will definitely return to Soccerplus next Summer. Tony’s talks are great - very inspirational for the coaches / parents and at the same time (and more importantly) exciting and motivating for the campers! Thank you ten times over for SoccerPlus and making it happen.”
Goalkeeper School Parent from Last Year

“I wanted to let someone know that we are beyond thrilled and amazed at how much our son William learned at the soccer camp this week!!! It is absolutely amazing!!! You all have truly created an atmosphere that allows your campers to have fun while learning so much about soccer!!! My son learned more in one week than he learned all last season!!! We will be doing this camp every summer for quite some time!"
Performance Goalkeeper Program Parent from Last Year

"I had an awesome week at camp and cannot stress enough how great the staff coaches and directors were. After the last Pressure Training, I truly felt like the camp - had become more than just a group of players; we were part of the SoccerPlus family."
Christine, NTC Student

"Overall, it was the best camp experience I have ever had. It was an intense week, and I improved tremendously as a player and learned that I could push through what I thought were my limits and really find out who I am, not only as a a soccer player, but as a competitor as well."
NTC Student

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